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Gold Status for the AVD in Spain

Gold Status for the AVD in Spain
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Barcelona, Spain (January 4, 2023) For 15 years, 4Life Spain has been an affiliate and board member of The Association of Direct Selling Companies (AVD). The AVD has now been awarded Gold Status in the 2022 Code of Ethics Recognition Program by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) for its continuous work in dissemination, defense, and daily application of the sectorial code of ethics.

4Life strives to create products that meet and exceed the highest standards and commit to one of their four values: Satisfaction. 4Life is sharing this recognition, which aims to encourage and apply ethical practices that transform direct selling into an exemplary business model. This award will raise ethical standards and professionalism in the industry.

The criteria underlying the WFDSA recognition consider standards in areas like membership, administration, financial structure, public relations, public relations, code of ethics, annual strategic plan, training, research, and business and distributor services.

4Life offers innovative business applications, tools, and advice to help their Affiliates build the best possible business. In terms of specific consumer and distributor protection, the WFDSA Code of Ethics, for which AVD has been recognized for its implementation, emphasizes principles such as transparency of information based on clear, detailed, and truthful information. This distinction also recognizes the work that AVD has done to promote good practice protocols in accordance with the regulatory framework that regulates trade in Spain.

4Life Vice President of Europe Rafael Fernandez: "As an active member of the AVD, we are strongly committed to positioning our unique and value-added customer model in the mass consumer industry. This distinction drives us to work harder and better at promoting and defending the application of the industry code of ethics that strengthens direct selling in order to meet our goal of bringing 4Life to 3,000,000 new homes by 2030.”

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Calvin Jolley
Vice President Corporate Communications
4Life Research
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